Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get promotional stickers?

Coming Soon. Stay tuned!!!


Can I get Angler's Pal products repaired?

Our technicians can repair any products sold by Angler's Pal Products, depending on the parts availability. You will need to call our Customer Service Department for information on the repairs.

I have lost my installation/owner’s manual for my Angler's Pal Product. Where can I get a replacement?

Please call our Customer Service Department to get replacement installation/owner’s manuals.


I need replacement parts that are not shown on the Part Shop of the website. Where can I get these?

Additional parts are available by calling Customer Service. The parts shown on the Parts Shop of the website are the most likely parts needed for our products. All the parts available are not shown.


I need to have a component/part shipped overseas. Is this possible?

Angler's Pal Products can ship overseas. You will need to email the Customer Service Department for shipping prices.

My rod holder will not tighten?

We have a kit available that will correct this problem. Contact Customer Service to help obtain this kit.


I want to put a trolling motor mount on my Anglers Pal Multi-Mount. Is this possible?

It is possible, but you will need a longer ball fastener, nut, and the rubber clamp for the trolling motor. The ball pin of the ball lock will need to be removed before you install the rubber clamp. All of these parts are available in the Parts Shop. If you need further clarification, please call our Customer Service.